1961 Mitsubishi 500 Model A11

The 1961 Mitsubishi 500, also known as the Model A11, was a small two-door subcompact car manufactured by the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors. It was the first passenger car produced by the company and was designed to compete with popular microcars such as the Honda N360 and the Subaru 360.

The Mitsubishi 500 was powered by a 479cc two-cylinder air-cooled engine that produced 21 horsepower and was mated to a four-speed manual transmission. It had rear-wheel drive and a top speed of around 56 mph.

The interior of the Mitsubishi 500 was basic but functional, with basic seating and a simplistic dashboard. The front seats could be folded down to make a small bed, making it a versatile choice for small families.

The car was sold in Japan and several export markets, including the United States, where it was marketed as the Mitsubishi Colt. However, it was not a commercial success and was eventually replaced by the Mitsubishi Minica in 1962.

Today, the Mitsubishi 500 is a rare sight on the roads and is considered a collector’s item. Its small size, unique design, and historical significance make it an interesting addition to any car collection.

By John Scott

I was born at a very young age.

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