1966 Mazda Familia Model SSA

The 1966 Mazda Familia model SSA was a compact car produced by the Japanese automaker Mazda. It was the third generation of the Familia model and was also known as the Mazda 1000.

The car was introduced in September 1963 and was available as a two-door sedan, a four-door sedan, and a three-door wagon.

The 1966 model featured a 1.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that produced 55 horsepower, which was mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. It had a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout.

The exterior design of the 1966 Mazda Familia SSA was very similar to its predecessors, but it featured new front and rear bumpers, a revised grille, and a new tail-light cluster.

The interior was modest, but it was equipped with features that were ahead of its time, such as a reclining driver’s seat and a telescopic steering wheel.

The 1966 Mazda Familia SSA was popular among car enthusiasts due to its reliable engine, sturdy construction, and sharp handling, making it a successful model for Mazda in the 1960s.

By John Scott

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