1913 Morris Oxford

The 1913 Morris Oxford was one of the earliest models of British cars manufactured by the Morris Motor Company. It was a four-seater car and had an open top. The car was powered by a four-cylinder engine that produced 1018 cc of displacement and had a power output of 9.5 horsepower. The engine was coupled to a four-speed manual transmission and could achieve a top speed of 35 mph (56 km/h).

The design of the Morris Oxford was simple yet elegant. It was built on a sturdy ladder chassis and had a wheelbase of 98 inches (2490 mm). The body of the car was made of wood and steel and was covered with fabric. The car’s suspension consisted of leaf springs and the brakes were cable-operated.

The 1913 Morris Oxford was a popular car that was affordable and reliable. It was aimed at the middle-class market and was sold for around £190. The car was produced from 1913 to 1926 and was succeeded by the Morris Cowley.

Today, the 1913 Morris Oxford is a rare and valuable car, with only a few examples still in existence. It is highly sought after by vintage car collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate its history and significance in the automotive world.

By John Scott

I was born at a very young age.

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