1942 KdF Wagen

The 1942 KdF Wagen, also known as the Volkswagen Beetle, was a car produced by the German automaker Volkswagen during World War II. The car was designed by Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930s as a cheap, practical car for the masses, and was initially marketed under the KdF (Kraft durch Freude) name. However, production of… Continue reading 1942 KdF Wagen

1979 Volkswagen Golf

The 1979 Volkswagen Golf is the first generation of the Golf series that was produced from 1974 to 1983. This vehicle was initially introduced in Europe as the Volkswagen Rabbit, but it was later renamed the Volkswagen Golf in the United States. The 1979 Volkswagen Golf was available in two- and four-door hatchback models, making… Continue reading 1979 Volkswagen Golf

1951 Volkswagen Type 1

The Volkswagen Type 1, also known as the Beetle or K√§fer, was first introduced in Germany in 1938. However, production ceased during World War II, and it wasn’t until 1945 that production resumed. By 1951, the Type 1 had become a popular and affordable vehicle for middle-class families in Europe and North America. The 1951… Continue reading 1951 Volkswagen Type 1