1904 Lanchester

The 1904 Lanchester is a historic automobile manufactured by Lanchester Motor Company from 1900 to 1955 in Birmingham, England. The 1904 Lanchester was one of the earliest models of the company and featured a unique and advanced design for its time.

The car had a horizontally opposed two-cylinder engine, which was mounted beneath the floorboards and produced 7 horsepower. The engine was linked to the rear wheels via a friction drive system, which lacked gears and made the car very smooth and quiet.

Other notable features of the 1904 Lanchester included an innovative suspension system with coil springs and a long wheelbase for added stability. The car also had an enclosed body, which was very unusual for the time and helped to improve passenger comfort and reduce noise levels.

Due to its advanced design, the 1904 Lanchester was considered a luxury car and was quite expensive compared to other vehicles of the time. However, it was well-received by wealthy motorists who appreciated its comfort, style, and smooth driving experience.

Today, the 1904 Lanchester is a rare and highly sought after classic car, and examples can be found in museums and private collections around the world.

By John Scott

I was born at a very young age.

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