1927 Pierce Arrow Series 36

The 1927 Pierce Arrow Series 36 was a luxury car produced by Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company, an American automobile manufacturer based in Buffalo, New York. It was part of the company’s Series 36 lineup, which was introduced in 1926 and continued to be sold until 1928.

The Series 36 was a significant departure from Pierce-Arrow’s previous models, with a more streamlined look and a lower, wider stance. It was powered by a 385 cubic inch inline-8 engine, paired with a 3-speed manual transmission. This combination allowed the car to reach a top speed of 80 mph.

The interior of the Series 36 featured luxurious materials like leather and mahogany, and came equipped with a variety of amenities such as a radio, a clock, and lights that automatically turned off when the doors were closed.

The 1927 Pierce Arrow Series 36 was known for its excellent handling and smooth ride, as well as its high price tag. It was marketed towards wealthy individuals who demanded the best in luxury and performance. The car’s impressive design and engineering earned it a reputation as one of the finest automobiles of its time.

By John Scott

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