1939 Delage Type D8-120

The 1939 Delage Type D8-120 is a rare and highly sought-after car that was produced by the French luxury automobile manufacturer Delage. It features a sleek and elegant design, with a long and low body that is both aerodynamic and stylish.

Under the hood, the Delage Type D8-120 is powered by a 4.3-liter straight-eight engine that produces 120 horsepower. This engine is mated to a four-speed manual transmission, and delivers impressive acceleration and a top speed of around 100 miles per hour.

The car is known for its exceptional handling and driving experience, with a smooth ride and responsive steering. It is also equipped with a range of luxury features, including leather upholstery, chrome accents, and a powerful heater to keep passengers comfortable.

Due to its rarity and unique combination of performance and luxury, the 1939 Delage Type D8-120 is highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts, and is considered a true classic of the automotive world.

By John Scott

I was born at a very young age.

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