1951 Toyopet Model SA

The 1951 Toyopet Model SA was the first car produced by Toyota for the domestic Japanese market and also the first Toyota vehicle exported to the United States. The car was based on the 1936 Chevrolet but with improvements to the engine, transmission, and suspension. It was powered by a 27 horsepower, four-cylinder engine with a three-speed manual transmission.

The exterior design was based on American cars of the period, with a split-grille and chrome accents. The interior had a simple design with basic instrumentation and bench seats. The Model SA was marketed as a family car and was priced affordably for the Japanese market.

Despite initial success, the Model SA was not without its problems. It was underpowered for the American market and the suspension was not well-suited for the country’s rough roads. The car also had a reputation for poor quality and reliability.

The Model SA was eventually replaced by the Toyopet Crown, which was better tailored to the needs of the Japanese market. However, the Model SA remains a significant milestone in Toyota’s history and a symbol of the company’s ambitions to become a global automaker.

By John Scott

I was born at a very young age.

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