1960 Isuzu Hillman Minx Model PH300

The 1960 Isuzu Hillman Minx Model PH300 was a compact car produced by Isuzu Motors in Japan under license from the British automaker Rootes Group. It was a part of the Hillman Minx series, which was introduced in 1931 and produced until 1970.

The Model PH300 was powered by a 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engine that generated 58 horsepower. It had a four-speed manual transmission and featured front-wheel drive technology, which was a relatively new concept in the 1960s.

The car had a modern and sleek design, with a chrome grille, wraparound windshield, and a streamlined body. It had a spacious interior with comfortable seats and ample legroom. The dashboard included a speedometer, fuel gauge, and other controls.

The Hillman Minx Model PH300 was marketed as a reliable, fuel-efficient, and affordable family car. It was popular in Japan and other Asian markets, where it competed with similar models from Toyota and Nissan. It also enjoyed some success in Europe, where it was sold under the Sunbeam badge.

Overall, the 1960 Isuzu Hillman Minx Model PH300 was a well-built and practical car that offered good value for money. It is now considered a classic car and is sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

By John Scott

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