1966 Nissan Silvia Model CSP311

The 1966 Nissan Silvia was a compact sports car produced by Nissan in Japan. It was introduced as the company’s first-ever sports car and became a classic of the 1960s.

The Silvia was based on the Datsun Fairlady platform and was designed to compete with other sports cars of the time such as the Toyota 2000GT and the Mazda Cosmo. It was equipped with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produced 96 horsepower and was mated to a four-speed manual transmission.

The Silvia’s styling was a departure from the traditional sports car design, with a sloping roofline and a long hood. It featured quad headlights, a unique grille, and a distinctive “7” logo on the rear pillar.

The car was popular with young drivers in Japan and earned a reputation for being fast and fun to drive. It was also successful in motorsports, with the Silvia winning the Japanese Grand Prix in 1965.

Overall, the 1966 Nissan Silvia was a significant milestone for Nissan, as it was the company’s first foray into the sports car market. Today, it is considered a classic sports car and is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

By John Scott

I was born at a very young age.

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