1977 Daihatsu Charade

The Daihatsu Charade is a small subcompact car that was first introduced in 1977. It was originally designed as a city car and was highly popular due to its fuel efficiency and affordability. The Charade was a joint production with Toyota and was available in several different body styles including a 3-door and 5-door hatchback, sedan, and wagon. Through the years, there were several iterations of the Charade, each featuring different engine options that ranged in displacement from 1.0 to 1.6 liters. In its later years, the Charade was equipped with a turbocharged engine that provided an impressive level of acceleration for a car of its size. Because of its small size, the Charade was ideal for city driving, but it lacked power when it came to long-distance travel and steep inclines. Today, the Daihatsu Charade is well-known for its reliability and fuel economy. It is no longer in production and has been replaced by the Daihatsu Terios and Sirion. However, it remains a popular choice for those looking for an affordable, fuel-efficient city car.

The Daihatsu Charade won the Car of the Year award presented by Motor Fan in 1978.

By John Scott

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