1936 Toyoda Model AA

The 1936 Toyoda Model AA was the first car produced by the Japanese automaker, Toyota. The Model AA was a luxury car that was designed and produced to appeal to the wealthy Japanese market during the 1930s.

The Model AA featured a 3.4-liter engine, which produced 62 horsepower and 153 lb-ft of torque, and was capable of reaching a top speed of 85 mph. The car was made with a cast-iron body and had a sophisticated suspension system that helped to provide a comfortable ride.

The Model AA also featured advanced technology for the time, including hydraulic brakes, a four-speed manual transmission, and an independent suspension system. The car was also outfitted with a number of luxury features, such as a three-speed heater, a fog lamp, and a windscreen wiper.

The Model AA was a landmark car for Toyota and helped to establish the company as a major player in the automotive industry. Despite its status as a luxury vehicle, the Model AA was still relatively affordable, with a price tag of around 3,350 yen at the time of its release. Today, the Model AA is a rare and highly sought-after collector’s item.

By John Scott

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