1961 Toyota Publica Model UP10

The 1961 Toyota Publica Model UP10 was a compact car produced by Toyota in Japan from 1961 to 1978. It was the first mass-produced car by Toyota and was aimed at the growing market for small cars in Japan.

The UP10 had a two-cylinder air-cooled engine that produced 28 horsepower, and a four-speed manual transmission. It also had a solid axle rear suspension with leaf springs and a independent front suspension with transverse leaf spring. The car was 3.13 meters in length, 1.30 meters in width, and 1.35 meters in height.

The UP10 was available in both a two-door sedan and a two-door wagon. It was known for its reliable and fuel-efficient performance, and it quickly became popular among Japanese drivers. In 1962, an improved version was introduced with an upgraded engine and new styling.

Overall, the Toyota Publica Model UP10 played an important role in establishing Toyota as a major player in the Japanese auto industry and helping to pave the way for the company’s success in the international market.

By John Scott

I was born at a very young age.

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